Energy saving Christmas lights

You prepare for, and possibly dread Christmas spending all year. And every January you think: how can I make it not cost an arm and a leg next time?

Using energy efficient Christmas lights is one way. Bright, safe and durable, energy-efficient lights save money and help combat climate change.

You might feel nostalgic about the dusty line of Christmas lights that you have been using for 10 years. However, this antique can cost you and environment a lot.

Most of energy that is used in ordinary incandescent lights is wasted through heat. The filaments in conventional light bulbs burn out. How many Christmas light garlands have you lost due to juts one light coming off?

In recent years vastly superior Light-emitting diode (LED) lights have come on stage. LED lights have been used in sustainable architecture, lighting whole skyscrapers for a fraction of energy use and price. Pop artists have adorned their stage costumes with LED lights features.

LED lights are a perfect choice for energy efficient Christmas lighting. In the season of goodwill, why not be good to the planet and save a couple of busloads of carbon dioxide by switching from old-fashioned to energy-saving or LED lights.

LED energy efficient Christmas lights produce a bright lively light and uses 80 percent less energy. Other options include compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and solar-powered lights. LED Christmas lights will last for about 40 holiday seasons, so although they are more expensive to buy originally, they will pay for themselves quite quickly.

Energy efficient Christmas lights are a must for Greener, cheaper Christmas that everyone will enjoy.